Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Damon Mark Lewis

Today, I’ve unusually found myself busily plodding along tediously delving deep into the circumstance’s surrounding the US felony convictions of a British citizen – A ROGUE TRADER.

Damon Mark Lewis, the charismatic 32 year-old 6ft-4in tall, was the proprietor and carrying on business as Celtic Crown Management Inc. (also known as: Celtic Crown Capital and Celtic Crown Aggressive Fund, LP.) situated in Texas, United States of America.

On the 22nd December 2004, he entered a plea of guilty in the 291st District Court in Dallas, Texas, to a first degree felony count of securities fraud and a second degree felony count of misappropriation of fiduciary property. He was sentenced to a 25 year term of imprisonment for securities fraud and a further 20 year term of imprisonment for misappropriation of fiduciary property.

Damon again pleaded guilty on 3rd February 2005 in the same court to first degree felony theft, and three first degree felonies of securities fraud. Consequently, on that occasion he received a further - four 20 year terms of imprisonment for these offences.

By Damon’s own admissions “A Welshman who, after choosing to seek his fortune in the United States, became embroiled in a prosecutor’s net and now wants to avoid playing by local rules.” So with a touch of arrogance he’s now vigorously protesting his innocence loudly from the roofs tops.

Painstakingly and thoroughly, I have sifted through his entire dossier of court papers – reams and reams of it. Annoyingly, time and time again, everywhere I look it’s the same old story “entered guilty pleas – entered guilty pleas – entered guilty pleas.” Common sense should prevail that no sane person admits to a crime which they hadn’t actually committed.

Knowing only to well, he was up-to-his-neck in it and there is overwhelming damaging evidence personally inciting Damon in serious felony wrongdoing. So armed with the knowledge if he took his chances and were to proceed to trial by jury, there was a strong possibility they would eventually find him guilty. He would have definitely received a much more severe sentence of imprisonment. In a nutshell, either way he knew due to the severity of his felony crimes, one way or another, inevitably he would eventually be going to prison.

Unbelievably, even during the course of his numerous court appearances he constantly displayed what one can best describe as little or no respect for the US judicial system and their due process of law. Often throwing his dummy out of the pram, with such cocky arrogance he felt it necessary to heavily criticize the presiding federal district judge Ms Susan Hawk, together with the Prosecuting Attorney Jeremy Bray, even his very own defence Attorney David Finn and everyone else who crossed his path.

These eminent Attorneys had seen enough of Damon’s arrogant cocky attitude. Out of the shadows came into the frame “no nonsense” Prosecuting Attorney Ms Tina Yoo. She’s a tough nut to crack and every time he threw a tantrum, Ms Yoo would hammer him were it hurts. He would inevitably face literally loads of further additional felony charges. Some idiots never learn!

The US authorities give him every opportunity to co-operate with them and knew the consequences if he refused. Yet, he unwisely blatantly decided not to. Now he faces the repercussions of his crime – a lengthy term of imprisonment in a US federal prison.

He will serve at least thirty years imprisonment in a US federal prison, before parole will eventually be granted. But, this by no means is guaranteed.

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